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                      Hello i hear customers talking    praising moaning complaining at,   & sometimes get to try places out 4 myself! So here is my collection of information about eating out in & around  lanchester. Ive  had no


My personal favorite. Valentino's. Lovely stuff... Italian so theres something for everyone.. and Ive had some lovely meals here.

It can get busy over Christmas.. its not the best when your stuck in the middle of a staff party! And.. they don't do pints... just bottles or beer and wines. Pricewise.. not the cheapest.. but very nice wines indeed. This is somewhere you always get a good meal... if you complain they respond. If you want to take someone out and spend 20 to 30 quid each and be guaranteed a good meal...  id come here. They also have specials nights where the prices are very reasonable. And they serve to quite late.

customers generally agree.. some have said the service between courses is a little slow.. but generally people are satisfied.. and RETURN!

Kings head... it looks really nice in there,even  moreso since it was done out. They have a wide selection on their menu a great heated  smoking area, proper pub grub... with proper pints! A really nice pub to visit with some excelent value for money meals as well as more hearty ones. Lots of people visit here weekly and many return for food so its got to be good. Last meal i had there was very good and staff were spot on. Even had real coffee.

EEEK! No this was the queens.. Which is now sadly boarded up! Not got time to update this dreadfully out of date website fully but....

                            ...... the bull

If you want somewhere posh and you really wanna have a good meal! Its easy to spend £100 a couple on evenings... this aint a normal meal place... its more like a long 3 hr chat and feast place for special occasions... and i have NEVER EVER to this day heard ONE person say they did not like the food or compalin about anything here!

Absolutely incredible stuff i have to say. Cantonese they say... id say its like chinese but with a thai element and well.. just go canny because if you stuff yourself on one course... you will not have room for the next! They do doggy bags too if you ask so waste nothing...

but also.. little secret... book in the day time for their special prices and youll eat and drink for well under £20!

Other places.......... 

         Within a tenner taxi fare  of



This was my secret.. but word is getting out... i love it.

Sorry if i offend anyone.. but i found this place a bit naff... apparently the food was always good and it had a good beer garden, popular with locals... but it was dated and i did not like the bar area as you walked in...




Totally ripped apart extended expanded pub restaurant my fosters was £3 a pint but i am VERY HAPPY to pay this when it tastes AS GREAT as it does! I ain't even gonna start on the food.. seriously its lush. Sunday dinners are presently served till 5 pm which is great for me... you can see the chefs... from the outdoor heated smoking area you can watch them cookin your meal.. they even SMILE! You will also see your veg growing just outside in one of the beer gardens! Theres now an upstairs. Proper fires... if they continue with this quality this place is just gonna boom! Although.. its only been reopened a few months and it already is.... if your going on an evening.. book up. They have daytime specials at moment.. 12 till 6 i think under a tenner for 2 courses just over for 3.


bribes as yet so heres my honest opinions &

guide to lanchester.


For your post/ pre meal drinks


... next door to it we now have special things! Crinnions the butchers is now not only a butchers but a coffee bar a posh restaurant AND a pub.. 




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You can pay by card online for advance bookings ... at no extra charge *NEW*...  you can now ask for a taxi to be sent with in car credit card facilities (7% fixed service charge) should cash payment be a problem.








The Black Horse, Beamish


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And next door again is

a new GREEK restaurant!

Not been yet but heard

good reports!


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